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The One Behind The Lens

I'm a father/photographer based out of Dauphin , Pennsylvania. My studio is about 15-20 minutes from Harrisburg, PA where I was born and raised.

How it began: I always loved creating, even as a child. I wanted to be a artist growing up and for a short period of time ,I was a musician. During that time frame, I fell in love with the visual aspect of the industry. So I went from having my pictures taken to the one taking the photos!

Now: I professionally capture moments for all aspects of life. I love the feeling of the client seeing their pictures and are in awe about how amazing they look and the quality of the work. One thing I strive to get across in my work is that every one is beautiful in their own way, and I want them to be natural as possible so I can portray the perfect story through my photos.

Goal: To create timeless moments.

For everyone to admire my work and my ambition. 

To leave a legacy for my family through RED PATCH STUDIOS.

Who's "IZZY": About
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